Light Heavyweight Class

Almost out now ... Pre-contest talk is centering around Peter Putnam and Manny Torres 31 competitors in this class Justin Rayner coming out of nowhere with crazy quads, humongous. He is in great condition to boot Frank Castillega conditioned, upper body looks good, but legs are too small in this ultra-competitive class, the toughest BY FAR tonight ... Quinton Thomas ... good shape, but a bit smooth to do much in this class Ryan Imamura ... placed 7th last year, doesn't look like top five material tonight Johnathan Johnson up now ... good size, craxy delts ... good back and arms ... will likely be in first callout ... Peter Putnam up now ... Looks good from the front ... Back was his downfall last year, let's see if he's improved ... He's brought up his back ... soft in the glutes, lets see if it hurts him ... Manny Torres ... in condition, but something is missing ... not a complete physique ... see him out of the top three here, with Rayner, Johnson and Putnam but lets wait to see them standing next to each other Carlos Pinto up now ... good lines ... good condition ... needs to be thincker, not enough oil ...


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