Men's Bantamweights

Competitor List for Bantams: Bantamweights 111 Wayne Hugar 112 Scott Foster 113 Ron Hackaspker 114 Rafael Campuzano 115 Alphonso Jones Jr. 116 Michael Echevarria 117 Randy Jackson Sr. 118 Tim Sahr 119 Fernando Abaco 120 Angel Trujillo 121 Jerry Bell Jr. 122 Timoney Fernandez 123 Heath Warren 124 Paul Gillison 125 Salvatore Torres 126 Keith Rock 127 Jonathan Sebastian The bantamweights have taken the stage and are doing quarter turns. There are 17 in the class. Now each gets a minute to do pose individually. Then we'll have callouts, which are the crux of the competition, letting us know who is contending for the top spot. We'll list those as they happen. Being the lightest weight class, winning the bantam title is all about shredded conditioning. If you're not absolutely ripped, you might as well hit the showers early. Fernando Abaco is currently up (#119). He is one of the few with some thick muscularity to go along with conditioning. Now up is Heath Warren from Mill Creek, Washington. Good shoulder to waist ratio, nice muscularity. We'll see if he gets a high callout in just a few minutes. Salvatore Torres from Pueblo, Colorado on stage now. Conditioned but too tall and thin to make an impact here. Last competitor, Jonathan Sebastian of San Jose, California is up. Callout 1: Jonathan Sebastian, Randy Jackson Sr, Fernando Abaco, Timoney Fernandez, Ron Hackaspker Tough call, Randy Jackson and Fendando Abaco likely top 2. Jackson may have the slight conditioning edge. Callout 2: Jerry Bell, Alfonso Jones, Wayhne Hugar, Heath Warren, Scott Foster. Now the rest of the group for the final callout, and we'll be moving to lightweights.


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