Men's Heavyweights

There will be an elimination down to 15 in this class, which has 35 competitors. Full competitor name-and-number list is: Heavyweights 219 Randy Moore 220 Tyrone Cane 221 Grigori Atoyan 222 TJ Humphreys 223 Matthew Lowden 224 Shaun Crump 225 Jason Huh 226 Jeff Schwartzer 227 Bobby Smith 228 Darrell Terrell 229 Ardorthus Cherry 230 Lionel Brown 231 Michael Moore 232 Carlos Rodriguez 233 Sebastian Zona 234 Jason Marcus 235 Gus Carter 236 James Ward 237 Marion Benton 238 Paul DeSimone 239 Henry Everette 240 Wondell LeFlore 241 Jeff Long 242 Jermaine Bell 243 DeShawn Grimez 244 Shawn McKinney 245 Brian Copeland 246 Fred Smalls III 247 Lee Banks 248 David Jacobs 249 Adam Weidel 250 Jason Groves 251 Michael Bishop 252 Alston Kenner III 253 Rick McMillan Middleweight photos are now up, by the way, at This class isn't as strong as you would expect on first glance-through. Judges will have an easy time whittling to the top 15, to be honest. An aside, Ronnie Coleman is in the house ... with hair. Looks like a different guy. He's hanging out at the front by the judges table. Top 15 (in numerical order): 219, Randy Moore 221, Grigori Atoyan 222 TJ Humphries 224 Shaun Crump 226 Jeff Schwartzer 227 Bobby Smith 228 Darrell Terrell 229 Adorthus Cherry 230 Lionel Brown 233 Sebastian Zona 237 Marion Benton 240 Wondell LeFlore 243 DeShawun Grimez 246 Fred Smalls III 247 Lee Banks One guy we expected to make the cut going into the show who didn't was young Jason Huh. Otherwise no surprises. Two more individual posing one-minute "routines" and we're on to the callouts. First callout: Lionel Brown, Adorthus Cherry and Rnady Moore. Word on the street is Brown dumped his precontest guru, Hany Rambod, three days before the show and started working with Ronnie Coleman's man, Chad Nichols. As for the contest, it looks to be between Brown and Cherry for the top spot. Second callout: DeShaun Grimez, Jeff Schwartzer, Shaun Crump (who seems to have a lot of supporters on hand in the audience), and Lee Banks. Crump probably deserved to be with the first group. Third callout: Darrell Terrell, Sebastian Zona, Fred Smalls III, and Grigori Atoyan. Atoyan's up-and-down ride continues, as his condition this time around is just not good at all. And now, we're on to the last class of the evening, superheavyweights.


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