Men's Light-Heavyweights

Names and competitor numbers in this class: Light-Heavyweights 187 Bryan Pazdzierz 188 Lloyd Dollar 189 Darin Page 190 Al Auguste 191 Ali Mokalled 192 Miguel Rojas 193 Devon Bender 194 Ryan Imamura 195 John Lopez 196 Thomas Whorley 197 Brad Davis 198 David Praska 199 Jean Claude Desardouin 200 Kert McLean 201 Stan McQuay 202 Manny Torres 203 Mario Tolentino 204 Maricio Solis Torres 205 Tim Liggins 206 Terry Bradley 207 Rick Sosias 208 Charles Dixon 209 Brian Saltzman 210 Lorenzo Newton 211 Perry Black Sr. 212 Jeff Cheatham 213 Michael Yablon 214 Ryan Cieslak 215 LeDon Griffin 216 TJ Hewitt There are 30 competitors, and it was just announced there will be a cut down to the top 15 right away, after the guys take the stage in lineup format. The favorite, Stan McQuay, is onstage. Looks good, but could have some competition. First callout will be interesting. By the way, now bantams, lightweights and welterweight galleries are up at Top 15, after the cut (in numerical order): 189, Darin Page 190, Al Auguste (lots of thickness with a tight midsection) 191, Ali Mokalled 194, Ryan Imamura 197, Brad Davis 199, Jean Claude Desardouin 200, Kert McLean 201, Stan McQuay 202, Manny Torres 205, Tim Liggins 207, Rick Sosias 208, Charles Dixon 209, Brian Saltzman 213, Michael Yablon 216, TJ Hewitt Brad Davis is on the stage. Bad coloring, has some good upper body mass though. Jean Claude Desardouin is up, probably won't make first callout. Kert McLean of Brooklyn New York is up and absolutely shredded. May not have enough size but striations everywhere. Stan is up. Not his tightest condition, but he has enough cuts to contend. A quintissential bodybuilding physique. He weighed in at 187 in a class that goes from 176 1/4 to 198 1/4. He's not the most muscular of the competitors tonight, but let's see how his total package matches up in the first callout. Rick Sosias from Denver Colorado is up for his minute. He's got the veins going, but too thick in the midsection still; needs to pare that down. Charles Dixon from South Carolina weighed in at 198, the upper edge of this class. He's got plenty of muscle, may need some more definition in the legs on this night. We'll see in a few minutes how he stacks up when the top 15 take the stage together. Finally, TJ Hewitt from the Bronx. Awesome chest and delts. Ready? First callout is as follows: Charles Dixon, Stan McQuay, Kert McLean. This seems to be boiling down to a contest between Stan and Charles. Charles took the center first, but now they've moved Stan to the center for more comparisons. Stan has the symmetry, Dixon has the size, McLean has the best conditioning of the three during posing (although he loses his ab definition when relaxed). Now McLean takes center ... judges are getting a lot of looks, it could be very very close. Second callout: Manny Torres, TJ Hewitt, Al Auguste, Michael Yablon, and Tim Liggins. This group is very solid through the top 10. Third callout: Brian Saltzman, Ryan Imamura, Jean Claude Desardouin, and Darin Page. The final three are brought out for the final callout, to decide placings 13-15. Heavyweights are backstage lining up, ready to come out next.


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