Men's Lightweights

Competitor Listing & numbers: Lightweights 129 Dave Candy 130 Kob Yan 131 Chad Augustin 132 Wills Francois 133 Michael DeGrazia 134 Jerry Serna 135 Kelly Bautista 136 William Matthews 137 Ryan Hames 138 Michael Manibog 139 Henderson Gordon 140 Joshua Olmeda 141 Leon Daniels There are 13 lightweights competing tonight. Now each is getting their one minute in front of the judges ... months and years of work by each athlete comes down to this. In a show like this with so many competitors, you need to have a physique that stands out immediately. Name recognition plays a factor as well, so in most cases, you have to pay your dues and compete for awhile on the national level to land that coveted first callout. On the stage now is Michael Manibog from Aliso Viejo, California. Three more to go and we get to callouts. Now, Henderson Gordon, and he is thick, especially for a lightweight. He weighed in at 153, a pound below the cutoff. He should make first callout, no problem. First callout: Henderson Gordon, Kelly Bautista, Wills Francois, and Dave Candy. First impression is Gordon has this class in hand. Second callout: Michael Manibog, William Matthews, Jerry Serna, and Michael DeGrazia. Remaining five competitors come out for a callout, and we'll be on to welterweights.


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