Men's Middleweights

Competitor names and numbers: Middleweights 162 Sean Smith 163 Jerry Miller 164 Cesar Moscoso 165 Stoil A. Stoilov 166 Robert Ambersley 167 Garrett Allin 168 Dustin Mayan 169 Darron Glenn 170 Dave Tuttle 171 Guillermo Escalante 172 Jesse Duque 173 Todd Scott 174 Julius Rumingan 175 Jorge Betancourt 176 Alfredo Santana 177 Anthony Marmon 178 Daniel Rocha 179 Anthony Watkins 180 Patrick Lewis 181 Kevin Creeden 182 Marco Teixeira 183 Leonardo Nimo 184 Ronald Torres 185 Marcelo Caraveo There are 24 middleweights, which means there may be an elimination down to the top 15 right away after the judges get their first look at the lineup. We're now in the initial quarter turns with all the competitors. This class encompasses men from 1651/4 pounds to 1761/4 pounds. Now individuals for their one-minute routines, starting with Sean Smith from good old Calumet City, Illinois (go Bears!). Interestingly, it looks like they aren't going to do their usual pare-down of a big class like this to top 15 -- every guy is getting his shot to individually pose for the judges. Robert Ambersley from Manhattan, New York is up, weighing in at 172 pounds. Still in the first third of the individual posing, meaning we're about 20 minutes away from the callouts in this class. By the way, go to http://www.flexonline.com/news/172 for photos of the earlier classes. We are putting Kevin Horton's photos up during the show tonight, every class all the way through superheavies. These earlier classes are all competitive, but starting with the next class, we really get into the top guys, with contenderss who can make an immediate impact in the pros if they snag an IFBB card. Some of the top names to come in those classes are Stan McQuay, Grigori Atoyan, Jason Huh, Adorthus Cherry, Lionel Brown, Jerome Ferguson, Rudy Richards, Evan Centopani, and more. Callout 1: Garrett Allin, Darron Glenn, Todd Scott, Anthony Watkins and Kevin Creeden. Allen, Glenn and Watkins seem to be fighting for top 3. Callout 2: Stoil A. Stoilov (winning name of the night so far), Robert Ambersley, Jorge Betancourt, and Sean Smith. Callout 3: Cesar Moscosco, Jesse Duque, Ronald Torres, Aldredo Santana, Julus Rumingan, and Anthony Marmon. All these guys are fighting for the final top 10 spot, presumably, so while they're probably disappointed at the lower callout, it's still important. A top 10 placing at the nationals is a big accomplishment to build on for future USA and Nationals contests. Last 9 are up, in a group of five and then four. We're about to move on to light-heavyweights.


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