Men's Nationals Heavyweight Finals

Top five posing routines. First up is Randy Moore of Water Valley, Mississippi. Second to pose, Shaun Crump of Cresco, Pennsylvania. He's using a ballad, but he does have the fluid, smooth moves to pull it off (unlike most bodybuilders who try to pose to slow music). Third is Adorthus Cherry, he of the big arms and shoulders. He made a great run at this year's USA's, where he was third among heavyweights. Could have the best shoulders in the show. Lionel Brown is up.He was second at the 2006 USA's in this class, and fourth at the 2005 USAs. He's been knocking at the pro door, and now wants to finally break through. The judging is over (unless they re-open), but Brown isn't quite on his game conditioning-wise tonight. DeShaun Grimez rounds out the top five. From Lake Forest, California, he weighed in at 225, right at the upper limit of this class. Top five awards: 5) DeShaun Grimez 4) Shaun Crump 3) Randy Moore 2) Adorthus Cherry 1) Lionel Brown If it was judged tonight and not last night, Cherry would have probably won this class. Congratulations to Lionel, who's been fighting long and hard for the pro card, and now finally has it.


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