Men's Nationals Light-Heavyweight Finals

The best class of this year's Nationals is now up. This should be a tough fight, and precontest favorite Stan McQuay, while in the top three, may not find himself in first at the end of the proceedings. First finalist from Canoga Park, California, McQuay. In 2002, he was first in the middleweight class at the USAs. Next is Kert McLean from Brooklyn. He was the 2003 Eastern USA overall champion. A stellar physique. Third up is Charles Dixon, who was a disappointing ninth at this year's USA's back in July. He's much improved here. He weighed in at 198 1/4, at the very upper limit of this class. One cheeseburger and he would've been a heavyweight. Fourth to pose is Michael Yablon of New York, giving up 10 pounds to Dixon at 188. To make the top five in this class is an accomplishment, as it was deep with quality 1-10. TJ Hewitt rounds out the group. Top 5 Winners were: 5) Michael Yablon 4) TJ Hewitt 3) Kert McLean 2) Charles Dixon 1) Stan McQuay McQuay has an undeniably great physique but Dixon could have easily won this class, the crowd was deeply divided on this result.


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