Men's Nationals Lightweight Finals

Now the top five in this class will pose. Second in this class last year, from Pittsburgh, Dave Candy, is first to pose. IIf he wins, we can use headlines like "Sweet Win" or "Like Taking Candy From A Baby." Or not. Wills Francois from Brooklyn is next up. Kelly Bautista from Irvine, California is the third finalist in this class. At 148, he weighed in lightest in this class that ranges from 143 to 154. He won his class at the USAs in 2005. Michael Manibog from Aliso Viejo, California is up. With two from each coast, we have a real east/west rivalry brewing, hopefully an all-out row doesn't break out during the awards. Final top five finalist from North Carolina, Henderson Gordon. He was second as a lightweight in the Nationals in 2005, and is hoping to improve that by one spot this year. He has the physique that could do it. And the winners are: 5) Michael Manibog 4) Wills Francois 3) Dave Candy 2) Kelly Bautista 1) Henderson Gordon, welcome to the pros.


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