Men's Nationals Middleweight Finals

The top five middleweights are doing routines. First up is Garrett Allin from Las Vegas. Next is Darron Glenn from Gastonia, North Carolina. Both Glenn and Allin have noteworthy arms. From the front Glenn has a very proportional and solid upper body. Todd Scott from Moses Lake, Washington is third to pose. There's no truth to the rumor that Moses Lake is split down the middle. (Yes, that one was a major reach. Hey, you try blogging a four hour show...) Anthony Watkins of Chicago, Illinois is now on stage. Kevin Creeden from Alaska rounds out the top five. He's the lightest of the top five, at 168 pounds in a class that ranges from 165 to 176. That may not matter, though, as he has the package to win this class. Top 5: 5) Kevin Creeden ... so lightest of the group was last. 4) Todd Scott 3) Anthony Watkins 2) Darron Glenn 1) Garrett Allin from Las Vegas, 41 years old, is your middleweight champion.


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