Men's Nationals Super Heavyweight Finals

Based on callouts yesterday, this class is between Desmond Miller and Evan Centopani. We'll see who comes out on top after the top five pose. First up, Jerome Ferguson. He's promised not to do his "Who Let The Dogs Out" routine ... let's see if he sticks to it. So far, so good... Nope, didn't do it. Oddly, I actually missed it. Maybe next time. Second up is Desmond Miller. He was fourth in this class at last year's Nationals, and won the 2005 Eastern USAs. Honestly, give this guy the overall now. He's that good. 24 year old Evan Centopani is up. Lots of potential in this kid, who's competing in only his third NPC show. He was the overall champ at this year's Jr. Nationals, and also won the 2005 Atlantic States overall title. His arms are ridiculous ... in a good way. Give him some more sizeable legs, and we'll see him in the pros. Stokely Palmer, long-time competitor who turned promoter this year (the Atlantic City Pro), is in the top five. He's from West Orange, New Jersey, and should be a familiar name to anyone who's been following the sport for awhile. He's a veteran, and most recently finished fourth at the 2005 North American championships in this class. His conditioning is off from where it was yesterday. Last finalist is Ben White from Albany, New York. Weighed in at 231. The top five awards, presented by Ronnie Coleman, who just announced he indeed will compete at the 2007 Olympia. 5) Jerome Ferguson 4) Ben White 3) Stokely Palmer 2) Evan Centopani 1) Desmond Miller Evan's going to be a force to reckon with in the future, but Desmond was way too damn good on this night.


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