Men's Super-Heavyweights

Competitor's names and numbers: Super Heavyweight 256 Erick Seng 257 Jerome Ferguson 258 Brandon Lowe 259 Malcolm Marshall 260 Sanjiv Neal 261 Gerald Aikens 262 Jason Dayberry 263 Marcos Espinal 264 Andy Haman 265 Desmond Miller 266 Victor Tringali 267 James Bivens 268 Todd Mendelsohn 269 Patrick Murray 270 Rudy Richards 271 Johnny McCarver 272 Evan Centopani 273 Stephen Frazier 274 Ambrose Middleton 275 Jim Swanson 276 Stokely Palmer 277 Mike Grossi 278 Ben White 279 Nate Brock Light-heavyweight gallery is up by the way, at www.flexonline.com/news/172 This class wasn't cut down to 15 by the judges, so we will be going through 24 one-minute routines before we get to the callouts and comparisons. Jerome Ferguson came in as one of the favorites ... he looked better than he did at the USAs, but based on the early look at the lineup, it'll be tough for him to come out on top. Through the first eight to do their one-minute, Jerome's the only top contender, but we've got a few quality physiques still to come. One of those guys is up now, Desmond Miller from Forest Hills, New York. He's 254 pounds, and looks really good. Could probably be slightly tighter, but his muscularity might be unmatched in this lineup. Rudy Richards from the Bronx is onstage ... he came in as a contender, but his conditioning is clearly off. Now that we've seen everyone, I would say the light-heavyweight class is the toughest and deepest in this show. Certainly has the best 1-10 group. Stokely Palmer is up. Solid, should be in the first callout. First callout: Evan Centopani, Ben White, Stokely Palmer, Desmond Miller, Jerome Ferguson. Centopani was center for the first callout, but now they've moved Miller to the center. Evan has a good upper body, but not enough leg mass. I would actually have him fifth in this group, we'll see. Miller, however, looks like a winner in this class. Stokely Palmer could be second. Second callout: Marcos Espinal, Jason Dayberry, Rudy Richards, Jim Swanson, and Malcolm Marshall. Third callout: Victor Tringali, Stephen Frazier, Ambrose Middleton, Nate Brock, and Brandon Lowe. Final callout: Desmond Miller and Evan Centopani, which means they're the top two in this class. The judges are obviously responding to Evan's solid upper body and v-taper, but he still needs a lot of size in his legs. Desmond should take this, but we won't know for sure until tomorrow. And that's it for tonight. Finals are tomorrow, starting at 7 p.m. Fitness, women's bodybuilding and men's bodybuilding winners will all be crowned then.


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