Men's Top 10

We're getting close to posedown time for the men. First, they will receive their participation medals from Ben Weider. Ronnie's getting his medal now, so we're about to move on to the top 10 announcement. Victor Martinez, Melvin Anthony, Gustavo Badell, Gunter Schlierkamp, Toney Freeman, Dexter Jackson, Dennis James, Jay Cutler, Markus Ruhl, and Ronnie Coleman are in the top 10. The judges went for the big guys in the O once again for the most part. 10th place: $14,000, Gunter Schlierkamp 9th place: $16,000 Dennis James 8th place: $17,000 Markus Ruhl 7th place: $18,000 Toney Freeman The top six take center stage -- Victor, Melvin, Gustavo, Dexter, Ronnie and Jay. Doing quarter turns. Ronnie chant erupts, crowd is getting restless. Of course, chant started by his family... Is it Jay? Is it Ronnie? The posedown begins, the scores are being tallied. History is about to be made, one way or another. The excitement is palpable. It's a crazy scene. Jim Manion is on his way backstage with the scores. Crowd is on it's feet. Phil Heath was actually one of the first to get up and cheer. Here we go:


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