Men's Welterweights

Competitor names and numbers: Welterweights 142 Victor Del Campo 143 Kevin Key 144 Abiu Feliz 145 Perry McRae 146 Theodore Atkins Jr. 147 Robert E. Lee 148 Jesse Sabater 149 John Caraccio 150 Roosevelt Woodard 151 Richie Daggs 152 Terence Phillips 153 Andre Prue 154 Carlo Filippone 155 John Fettes 156 Tommie Robertson 157 Jom Propst 158 Omar Ventura 159 Richard Bobodillo 160 Otis Anderson Welterweights will take the stage, 19 in all. This class covers men 1541/4 pounds to 1651/4 pounds. First callout: Jesse Sabater, Abiu Feliz and Victor Del Campo. Second callout: Kevin Key, Perry McRae, Terence Phillps, Carlo Filippone, and Omar Ventura. Third callout: John Caraccio, Robert E Lee, Tommie Robertson, Theodore Atkins Jr. Richard Bobodillo, and Jim Probst. One final callout with the remaining five competitors, and we move on to the middleweights.


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