Monica Brant's F.E.M Camps!

For a while now Fitness and Figure Icon Monica Brant and her partner Lynda have been organizing their F.E.M Camps for the aspiring figure competitors, Monica was nice enough to document her camps and send Flex some information about them, here's what she wrote. *Camps have anywhere from 15-30 ladies each *We have 3-5 camps per year. For 2008, we have (4) planned as of March 25 *Camps started officially back in 2004 The F.E.M. Camps are hosted by Me (Monica Brant) and my camp partner, Lynda Thoresen. These camps are great for any gal -at any age & any fitness level- interested in learning more about healthy living, proper nutrition, training, beauty and much- much more  Lynda and Monica More pics and info on the FEM camps on the Flex Forums here: http://boards.flexonline.com/ib/ikonboard.cgi?s=27d3e3d05fbb9b9be51a32be5396b69a;act=ST;f=1;t=12904;r=1


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