Mr. O in Albuquerque, New Mexico

This weekend, Saturday, Jan 26th, 2008 Jay went to a Max Muscle store appearance in New Mexico, we took the plane early and of course between his phone calls and Blackberry typing sesions, Jay had a few little naps here and there. LOL!!   At the airport hooking up with our buddy Tony.

The signing start and it is BUSY BUSY!

The Cool Max out Monster truck from Jesus "The owner"

Jay is always popular with the kids, many families showed up and brought their little ones to meet Mr. O.

Jay and a couple of cuties (Oh man! The life of a Mr. O!)

Looking big just standing there

After the event, Jay then went to a local personal training studio catering to athletes such as football, soccer and baseball players to shoot a little commecial using the various machines. Some of them were kinda of weird but one was a really cool one as it was a giant threadmill with a harnest attached to the waist of the athlete running as fast as possible. Great exercise for football players. I never knew Jay could run so fast, LOL!!

Another football training machine that seemed to help with coordination

A shoulder press machine

I'm just walking! LOL! (Jay will know what that means)

Bench press

Back at the airport waiting to go back to Vegas


While waiting to board the flight, Jay was recognized by several kids part of a Church troup that just came back from a retreat, they ran towards Jay and started taking pictures. Jay was of course happy to oblige.

A kid which was a huge fan of Jay's even went to go buy a Musclemag magazine with Jay on the cover so Jay could sign it.


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