Mr. O Top Six!

Guys go off the stage for some water ... I know, I know -- it's getting crazy, we want to know who wins this thing! A couple more minutes. In the meantime, Lee Haney has taken the stage. "Ronnie's out to break the record, I'm here to cheer him on, but he has his hands full," Haney said. Shawn Ray was just handed the results. Whatever is to happen, is done ... it's all over but the announcing. Haney is going to win the Flex Vanguard Award tonight ... he had some very nice words to say. Now he's being asked who he thinks has won tonight: "I am going to leave that up to the judges." 6th place: $30,000 Gustavo Badell 5th place: $38,000 Melvin Anthony 4th place: $48,000 Dexter Jackson 3rd place: $60,000 Victor Martinez -- he made his goal of the top three. And the winner of the 2006 Mr. Olympia is Jay Cutler. OH MY GOD!


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