There has been a lot of talk about Jay's bicep or leg and he's always been up front and honest about admitting that he's been having some problems with both due to tendonitis, etc... He has been doing massage therapy for a long time and recently, his good friend Derik Farnsworth refered him to his guy, telling Jay "My guy is the best!" Well as you probably know, everyone says their guy is the best but in this case, it happenned to be true. Jeffrey Besser owner of Body Dynamix Hollistic Therapy in Santee (San Diego) has been helping many IFBB Pro bodybuilders over the years such as Derik Farnsworth, Nasser El Sonbaty, Garrett Downing and now Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler has just been added to the list. Jeff seems to be able to pin point whatever problem is existing and with a very accute precision work on the trouble area to make it all better. Of course it is very painful at times but hey! You got to suffer to be beautiful as they say right? Jay wanted to document his last session to show his fans that he has nothing to hide, acknowledges his problems and addresses them by taking care of biz while letting you guys see in the process. Here's a few pics of his last session with Jeff. Working hard on the glutes and hamstrings   Working on the forearm and the tendonitis Let me see how the shot looks now! Now that hurts! Bicep Making the next appointments Jeff and his Body Dynamix office are located at 9740-M Cuyamaca street Santee, Ca, 92071 Tel (619) 258 6234


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