Nationals Fitness Awards

Women's Fitness Short Class Top five: 5) April Wintle 4) Ozzie Jacobs 3) Maggie Blanchard 2) Michelle Theison 1) Nicole Duncan The top two in each fitness class turn pro. The practice of giving out pro cards to the top two in each class was presumably started to stock the pond with pro competitors back when they started the sport in the mid-90s, but now it seems like overkill with such a dearth of pro shows to compete in. If only the class winners in bodybuilding get pro cards, it should be same in Fitness and Figure. Medium Class 5) ShaNay Norvell of Atlanta 4) Tina Durkin 3) Colleen Baldwin of Austin, Texas 2) Angela English of Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1) Amy villa Nelson of Brooklyn Tall Class 5) Nicole Wilkins 4) Sandy Stewart 3) Michelle Mayberry 2) Mandy Polk 1) Liza Hughes They are judging the three class winners to decide the overall... The overall champ of the 2006 NPC Nationals is Amy Villa Nelson, the medium-class champ.


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