Nationals Men's Bantamweights

The men's bantamweights have taken the stage (women's fitness champs will be crowned after bantams do their posing routines, according to the schedule). First top five finalist is Ron Hackaspker from Fairlawn, New Jersey. He's the 2005 Team Universe Bantam champion.. Next is Randy Jackson Sr. from Council Bluffs, Iowa. This is his ninth appearance in the Nationals. He was able to train for the show since American Idol is on a break. Fernando Abaco from Rocklin, California is the third top-five finalist. But we've skipped him because of a music problem. Timoney Fernandez of Virginia Beach, Virginia, was announced but did not do his routine. Confusion is reigning at the Nationals! Now, Jonathan Sebastian from San Jose, California is doing his routine. He was a big crowd favorite last night. Timoney Fernandez is taking another crack at doing his routine. Will the music work? Can you feel the supsense? No? Well, it's working. Order has been restored. Fernando Abaco is on his way out for his routine. Maybe. Okay, yes. Music and all, here he is, all 143 pounds of him. Fernando was first place in the USA bantams in 2006, and is a favorite here. 5) Timoney Fernandez 4) Ron Hackaspker 3) Jonathan Sebastian 2) Fernando Abaco 1) Randy Jackson Sr. wins the class and his pro card. He's done 15 contests at the national level. A 47-year-old grandfather, he's getting a rousing ovation for a great accomplishment. Congratulations Randy!


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