Nationals Welterweight Finals

Tipping the scales at a colossal 154 to 165 pounds, the welterweights have taken the stage. Hopefully they've reinforced the floorboards. First of the top five to pose is Victor Del Campo from Boothwyn, Pennsylvania. He's trying to put some energy into the routine, coming to the front of the stage, but the crowd isn't biting. Next finalist is Kevin Key from Panama City, Florida. Shows some of the best conditioning to take the stage thus far tonight. Third is Abiu Feliz of Griffith, Indiana, This guy should be contending for the title. Fourth up, Perry McRae. In an odd and perhaps completely uninteresting twist, the first four finalists are the first four guys numerically in this division, 142-145. File that away under "Useless Trivial You'll Never Need To Remember Again." Fifth is Jesse Sabater, who was second at the 2006 USAs in this class, and won the 2006 welterweight title at the Cal. He displays some great overall muscularity and muscle maturity. There was some serious action at the judges table -- for the most part, judging is completed on Friday night, but the judges do sometimes re-open classes to re-judge. Maybe Jesse's getting a renewed look? Nope, no rejudge... Here we go: 5) Perry McRae 4) Kevin Key 3) Victor Del Campo 2) Jesse Sabater 1) Abiu Feliz


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