NPC USA's Heavyweights

So far in the heavies, we've seen Adorthus Cherry, DeShawn Grimez, Kevin Reeves...Adorthus not as sharp as he could be, especially in back and hams. DeShawn looks huge from the front, but loses something when he turns around. Reeves, who has trained on and off with Chris Cormier, doesn't have the legs to contend for the title. Jeff Schwartzer, massive legs ... check them out in our galleries, he's competitor 100. Callout time: First: Deshaun Grimez, Adorthus Cherry, Kirk DeFrancesco, Brandon Curry. Cherry, as always, crazy shoulder to waist ratio, but legs worst in this callout. Brandon Curry has huge arms, but Grimez's are even better. Probably have to say Grimez as class champ.


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