Olympia Expo

It's Friday, 2 p.m. and the Weider Booth is in full swing. Peter Putnam just stopped by our blogging station. We're going through tons of free copies of Flex and Muscle & Fitness. Athletes signing at the booth include Lou Ferrigno, Vic Richards, Dorian Yates, Roland Kickinger, Milos Sarcev, Mark Dugdale, and Garrett Downing. Phil Heath is on his way. Man, Vic Richards is B-I-I-I-I-G!!!!! Everyone seems to be in awe of the big man- much love for Victor at the '06 O Expo. Speaking of big, Quincy Taylor, who decided not to do the O, just walked by. Looking to be 320 or so. Crazy! Shawn Perine here- I just measured Vic's arm- 22" even- cold, and he's not even "in shape" according to him at least. That's exactly 22" without a pump or more than a few months of serious training! Wow!!


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