THIRD CALLOUT Silvio, Gustavo, Greene, Branch Ronnie -Branch and Silvio. Silvio and Branch. Silvio and Branch need to be beside each other. Ronnie - I gibve that shot to Silvio. Front lat spread - Ronnie - I give that shot to Silvio. SIDE CHEST - Branch. BACK DOUBLE BICEP Ronnie - Branch and then Kai. Kai got a wide-ass back. CC - Kai got that water in his ab area. Not in his quads but in his ab area. Ronnie - Silvio a very impressive guy, he's by far up there with Dexter and Phil. FIFTH CALLOUT MO Elmoussawi, Johnnie Jackson, Desmond Miller, Melvin Anthony CC - Melvin might be mentally beat here. He's pissed Ronnie - Stay positive Melvin CC - Melvin shot mentally. He thought he loolking pretty good. Now mentally he just want to get off of ther.Look at his body language in his face. Ronnie - Melvin in this group. Then Desmond. Melvin killing everybody wit hthe back shot. Dexmond has those shreded legs. CC - Gonna be your preference wheen it comes to upper or lower body with Melvin and Desmond. CC - I like Melvin's shape on Ab and Thigh. That's melvin's shot right there. Wow, my head is spinning from this show though. SIXTH CALLOUT Dexter Jackson, Phil Heath, Branch Warren, Kai Greene Ronnie - Dexter, Phil, Branch, Kai CC - I still got Dexter winning. Ronnie - i still got Dexter too,. Ronnie -They gonna have to get silvio next to kai. FRONT DOUBLE BICEPS Ronnie - Dexer CC - Dexter Front lat spreadk CC - Dex Ronnie - Dex Side CHEST Ronne - Dexter CC - Dexter BACK DOUBLE BICEPS Ronnie - Dexter and Branch BACK LAT SPREAD Ronnie - Dexter CC - Dexter SIDE TRICEPS AB AND THIGH Ronnie - Dexter and Branch CC - Branch second in that one MOST MUSCULAR Ronnie - Dexter and I got Phil in MM CC - Dexter and Phil in that one. SEVENTH CALLOUT Silvio, Toney, JOhnnie, Gustavo Ronnie - Silvio then Toney in this group CC_ out of width and shape, Toney Ronnie - then Johnnie CC - Gustavo CC - Theese guys trip me out when they hit the sh--t and then let it go.


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