CALLOUTS 1st Callout Silvio, Dexter, Phil, Kai Greene Ronnie -- OOH What the hell is that? No Branch? Fool me with that one. CC - What the hell. Ronnie - I definitely had Branch in top four. Ronnie - I got to go wit hDexter, lot sharper, muscle a little bit more crisper than Phil CC - I still got Dexter slightlywith the shape, ut this guy he mean business ... Ronnie - I sthis lineup Silvio is third. Im impressed with Silvio CC - This shot right here Side Chest - Ronnie, I give this shot to Phil. from the back - Ronnie - Phil's hamstrings better than Dexgter Ronnie - Phil may be little bit wider. Kai got widest back in there. Phil just overpowering in this side triceps. CC - I like his tricep man. CC - I going with Dexter. Look at the qquad on Kai? Ronnie -most muscular gonna be dexter, whatch his shoulders how striated they are. Silvio and Dexter got this shot right here.


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