Ronnie - Dexter gonna win it 1st callout Predictions Ronnie - Dexter, Phil, Branch and Melvin CC - Branch, Dexter, Phil , Greene COMPARISONS Second Johnnie, Gustavo, Desomond, Ronnie Rockel, Adorthus ROnnie - Desomnd is better than Gustavo. Johnnie is too. Ain't nobody up there doing the walking lunges though. CC = Gustavo getting harder though. He cdan make changes. Johnnie cramping up too though. Johnnie got that little film over the to there. THIRD COMPARISON GROUP Dexter, Phil, Branch, Melvin, Kai TOUGH GROUP ... Ronnie - Branch looking better every time he pose. Branch look better than all of them from the side. From the back? Ronnie - Dexter and Phil. Ronnie - Look how good Branch looks from the side. As long as I don't have to judge. CC - Dexter first, Phil second. Branch third. Kai pushing Melvin for fourth. Ronnie - They might be in the order they gonna place right now. Chris - points to Kai - see how this jumping out? his hamstrings? That gonna kill Melvin. That's the difference between granted genetics - you see those pinstripe s coming down? you can't teach that in the guy. Bt you can tell Dexter bee n ther ebefore. Ronnie - Look at Phil's triceps. Phil has best triceps in the show. CC - They both have edges somewhere. They trading blows, it's like someone hit a body blow and someone hit a head shot. Who's gonna be standing?


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