BRANCH WAREN Ronnie - Branch looks real good haven't seen him look this good in a long time. CC - I aint talking aesthetics, but he's on Ronne - Glutes are shreded, abs are shredded CC - he got that wow muscle going on Ronnie - Chest is real thick. Gtot the thickest chest so far i've seen in the show. CC - Those guys got aesthetic look but he's got that wow look Ronnie - his back is not as shredded as Phil's and Dexter's . This is the best i've seen brnch look though. This is definitely top threee. CC - This man works real hard. Ronnie - Yeah buddy!! CC - All the veins standing out. Good job. He did a really good job. CROWD IS NUTS FOR BRANCH MELVIN ANTHONY Ronnie - This is a tough lineup. He's flexing now, he's hard, he's ready. His legs are shredded. CC - Damn his oil is dry on his chest too. Ronnie -aint got the thickness branch had in the chest branch llittle bit harder in the legs CC - Hamstrings are lot bettter. Back is good,. Ronnie - Back is shredded, good width to it too. That's where he got branch at. Nice Lat spread. CC - little Cormier-esque one lat a time thing going on. Abs are deep and striated. melvin looked good. Gonna be good fight. Ronnie - Good fight. He's in the top 3 also. KAI GREENE CC- Definitely put on some muscle. Shit. Leg biceps look amazing. Ronnie - Width on back is good, ltriceps are shreded. Hamstrings in, good shape, nice fullness. Ronnie -back is on. CC - Front? We don't know yet. CC - Ok here we go. Ronie - he definitely look better from the back. CC - not flat at all. Ronnie - needs to be little bit sharper in the abs, taht's about it. CC - look like he cramping a little bit, that might be something that holds him back later in the lineup. Ronnie TOP FIVE Dexter Phil Branch Melvin Silvio Gustavo CC Dexter Phil Silvio GUstavo THink they'll put Kai in front of Phil Branch


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