TOney Freeman CC - RTOney is visibly harder than the Ironman as far as cuts are concerend. Ronnie - Hamstrings in. Arms are nice and full. Only thing can tell you is his abs are not as sharp as normally are. Ronnie - Hamstrings look real god though, back looks real good. CC - Yep, def. an improvement from the Ironman, I can tell you that. Looks good. Ronnie - Looks good today. JOHNNIE CC - Johhnie needed nother two weeks to get to this on from the Ironman so lets see ...Needs oil. Just patches of oil. Litle bit watery in the chest seen him sharper before. Ronnie - Needs some oil. CC - think his legs improved a little bit ROnnie - He's a litle off in his back too. he's been sharper before. CC - got all the muscle though, that can help sometimes. Ronnie - Triceps look good. Ronnie - What do you think Chris? CC- Slight film on the abs GUSTAVO BADELL CC - Looks good. He's walking good. Ronnie - toolk a long time getting to the stage didn't he? CC- You know him. Looks better than Ironman, he filled over the muscle last time. He wants some applause. ROnnie - Chest is a litle flat. CC - From this show to that show lights are different and you're gonna say the tightness but in the middle .. Ronnie - Back just a little flat. CC - If he squeeze out he might turn into a different bodybuilder before your eyes. He'll be in the hunt Ronnie - He looks good.


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