Sacramento Pro Top 5 Men

We're in the fourth round: The top five in no order: Toney Freeman, Silvio Samuel, Marcus Haley, Hidetada Yamagishi, and Ahmad Haidar. They just moved Toney to the middle; Silvio and Hidetada are flanking Toney. Silvio is the sharpest guy on stage right now; and the man has some deep-ridged abs. Toney's size may help him win the day, but he needs to dial it in more before next week's Arnold Classic to get in the top five mix there. We're posing down now, judges have made their decision. 5) Marcus Haley 4) Ahmad Haidar 3) Hidetada Yamagishi, qualifies for Olympia -- nice job for the first Japaneze bodybuilder to ever qualify for the O. 2) Silvio Samuel -- tough decision, this could have gone his way 1) Toney Freeman, who goes two for two in 2007. Can he make it three for three next week? Don't count the big man out.


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