Sacramento Pro Women's Bodybuilding Finals

The results are in for the Sacramento Pro women ... in her pro debut, 2006 USA overall champ Heather Policky edged out lightweight champ Antoinette Norman. The top five in each class: Heavyweight: 5) Helen Bouchard 4) Mah-Ann Mendoza (Mah-Ann missed the lightweight class, the class she was aiming for, by a pound-and-a-half) 3) Brenda Raganot 2) Kim Perez (who has an amazing, tiny waist -- if she were an hourglass the sand would get stuck; check out the pics from prejudging on 1) Heather Policky Lightweight: 5) Angela Debatin 4) Gayle Moher 3) Vicki Nixon 2) Cathy Lefrancois 1) Antoinette Norman


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