Stone Cold Steve Austin is still THE MAN!

Today Stone Cold Steve Austin came to Venice to pick up some egg whites at Jay's Max Muscle Venice. He brought a couple of 8 by 10 for a friend of mine's newphew as well as some tickets for Monday Raw coming up in Anaheim on Feb 18th for him as well. Unreal how some of these celebrities still find the time and care enough to please a friend and make a little boy happy. That speaks volume to me. Thanks a lot Steve, Phil and his newphew Austin really appreciate your kindness and so do I, you are a true gentleman. He stayed a bit and we discussed the Lesnar/Mir fight as he was right there ringside with a lot of his wrestlers buddy who all came to cheer and support Brock. He was really impressed with Lesnar's performance and even though he lost, Steve said that he only need experience, the talent is there and it's raw, with a few more matches, he'll get there. We agree Steve, we agree! Thanks for stopping by buddy and please come back again Steve signing the photo for Austin (I had to take a pic so he'd believe it's real, lol)


As Steve would say "HELL YEAH!"


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