Who's your choice?

Go to the galleries to see almost 800 photos from last night's prejudging. The final placings tonight are bound to be controversial, so check out the evidence and let us know what you think on the FLEX forums. From here in the Olympia Expo, opinions are flying fast and furious on just who's winning this show. It is far from clear-cut, with passionate arguments on behalf of Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman. Also interesting, the number of people who are saying Victor Martinez should get the victory. But the most likely scenario is this is coming down between Jay and Ronnie, with a battle as epic as their 2001 showdown -- a showdown where Cutler went into the night show with a slight lead, only to fall behind in the final two rounds. We have Phil Heath and Mark Dugdale at the booth, going through the comparison shots of Jay and Ronnie, pose for pose. First pose, back double biceps, both for Jay. Rear lat spread, both for Jay. Side triceps, both for Jay. Most muscular, both guys pick Jay. That's an interesting near-sweep for the big man, Cutler. Are the judges seeing it the same way? We're hours away from finding out. Meanwhile, the lines here at the booth are insane. I'm looking out over a line for Gunter that stretches a long way down the expo hall. On the other side of the booth, Ben and Joe Weider are signing their new book Brothers of Iron and that line stretches down the opposite end of the hall. The place is a madhouse. Photographer Kevin Horton, having carefully considered the photographs from last night's show, has come to the conclusion that he, indeed, is a great photographer. And he doesn't care who wins, it's a great show either way. Luckily, other staffers are a bit more opinionated. In fact, you can see top six predictions from a number of Flex staffers earlier on this blog.


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