Women's Bodybuilding

Women coming on, doing their mandatories one by one... Once again, no weight classes this year, everyone is being judged together. 15 competitors, the favorites are Yaxeni Oriquen, Dayana Cadeau and Iris Kyle. Iris Kyle just did her mandatories, and she is shredded. Yaxeni is up ... as usual, she's extremely big -- but she also carries that size extremely well. Very rare combo in the sport, that kind of size with good symmetry. First callout: Dayana Cadeau, Iris Kyle, Bonny Priest, Annie Riveccio. Yaxeni, not in this first callout, is off, not going to win this one - just not cut enough to defend her title. Second callout: Lisa Aukland, Betty Pariso in, Iris out of the first-callout lineup. Making Iris the likely No. 1 at this point in the show--usually, if someone is a hands-down winner, they don't get held out for the second callout, and she wasn't. Third callout: All girls in previous lineup sent back. Third callout is Yaxeni, Helen Bouchard, Gayle Moher, Jitka Harazimova. Battle between second and third seems to be Dayana and Riveccio. Annie doesn't have the same stage presence as Dayana, but might be slightly better conditioned, especially in her abs. All in all, this is Iris' show to lose.


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