Women's Bodybuilding Finals: Routines

Lisa Aukland is first up. Going with some dance music, good choice. Working rather well with her music. Physique is on; overall, a great showing for the 48-year-old. Second up is Helen Bouchard. Comes out in camouflage gear, helicopter sounds. Rips off the shirt and pants and goes in a march across the stage. Segue into dance music, hitting poses. It's cool, she put some thought and planning into the routine, that's good for her and the sport. Third to take the stage, Dayana Cadeau. Starts with a headstand, very cool strength move. She has those amazing full muscle bellies, and the condition enough to at least be second in this show. You never know until you see the scorecards, but she deserves a lot of consideration in comparison with Iris. She should get an Olympia title before her career is over, she's consistently knocked on the door. Fourth to pose, she has benched 402 pounds in competition. Tazzie Columb. Took off three years to powerlift, and is back, qualified just a couple of weeks ago for the O. Needs a bit more symmetry, and more of a V-taper. Good to have her back in bodybuilding. Fifth up, Heather Foster, winner of the 2006 Europa Super Show. Showing off some dance moves. Confident with her music, one of those details far too many competitors overlook. She's having fun up there. She's not as cut as she needs to be to be competitive for the title, but still, nice night-show showing for her. Sixth, Jitka Harazimova. Not the best we've seen her. Reportedly suffered a bout of food poisoning that affected her condition. Which is a shame, when on she has the potential to win an O. Hopefully the 2007 competitive season sees her back healthy and at her best. Next, Iris Kyle. Hasn't lost anything from today's condition. Seems like she'll be taking back the title she won in 2004 and lost last year to Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia. Seemed to cut her routine short. Eighth to pose, Gayle Moher. Came out in a cowboy hat, started with a country music theme. Then went into a slow song. Slow music is always a tough routine to pull off, for the guys and girls, since there's a fine line between connecting with the audience and simply lacking energy. She did okay overall. Colette Nelson came out to song "devil with a blue dress on," and she did have a sexy blue dress on. Segue into a gangster theme, gun prop, ripped the dress off. Nice, nice routine overall, tops in the group so far. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia. Slinks out to a ballad. Very classic routine. Interesting, honestly, is her hair -- looks completely different than usual. Betty Pariso -- the 50 year old Betty Pariso. Comes out with a walker and in a robe. Trust us, she does NOT look 50. Simply amazing she's stil competing very well at this level. Strips the robe, hits a string of poses. And threw in her now-famous Matarazzo impression for good measure. Bonny Priest, poses to hip-hop and dance music. Lots of music changes, showing her physique from a lot of different angles. Brenda Raganot. A veteran who usually does a pretty good job with her routine, and this one is no exception. Physique just isn't as dialed in as it needs to be to make an impact on the Olympia stage. No props, just music and moves. Annie Rivieccio. Comes out to voiceover of people looking at her. "How did she get so big?" "I wonder how much she benches?" "I'd like to look like that." Then from voice-over to dance music. Wants to make a good impression here, to follow up on her great callouts earlier today in prejudging. Final competitor, Dena Westerfield. Poses to "(You Give Me) Fever." Didn't hit conditioning, but routine is well organized. First half of routine to that slower song, now into some "Funky Cold Medinah." Can you go wrong with Ton Loc? Well, probably, but she's doing a good job with it, definitely.


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