Women's Bodybuilding Winners

Lightweight class top 5 1) Jamie Troxell, who is an active-duty Marine currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan 2) Barbara Fletcher from Anaheim, California 3) Tera Guzman from St. Petersburg, Florida 4) Galina Serdtsev from Orlando, Florida 5) Renee Opedisano from West Palm Beach, Florida Each class winner in women's bodybuilding gets a pro card; congratulations to Jamie Troxell. Middleweight Top 5: 5) Tina Chandler of Houston, Texas 4) Jennifer Sedia of Lubbock, Texas 3) Britt Ashley Miller of Granite Quarry, North Carolina 2) Yahaira Agosto Vives of Tora Baja, Puerto Rico 1) Lisa Bickels of Las Vegas, Nevada Just announced that 79 women in the bodybuilding is the second-largest turnout in Nationals history. Light Heavyweight Top 5 5) Amy Neal, from Atlanta 4) Angela Salvagno, from Brandon Florida 3) Kristy Hawkins, Cal Tech student in Pasadena, California 2) Elena Seiple of Neptune, New Jersey 1) Debbie Laszewski of Jupiter, Florida A side comment ... a lot of the women's bodybuilding routines here are more polished than you'd expect at an amateur show, and many of the physiques represent a better, more refined vision of what the sport should aspire to. Only four pro cards are being given out here, but there are more than four good future pros in the group. Heavyweight top 5: 5) Theresa Hendricks from Hampton, Virginia 4) Gale Frankie from College Park, Georgia 3) Sheila Black from Oregon 2) Beverly DiRenzo from Cape Coral, Florida 1) Lora Ottenad from Washington Now the posedown, with the four class winners. Overall winner will be announced momentarily. The overall winner is Lora Ottenad -- the judges went for mass in this pick. Amy Neal or Lisa Bickels could have easily earned the overall nod with their blend of conditioning and classic-style physiques, but Lora's size (and conditioning) won the day.


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