Women's Fitness Routines: Finals

Julie Childs, first competitor, has taken the stage. In a cheerleader outfit. All smooth so far ... solid, not spectacular. Competitor #2, Regiane Da Silva. Basic outfit, no props. Lots of energy. Entertaining, good strength moves. Mid- to late in her routine, the energy faded a bit, but all in all a good showing for her first O appearance. Competitor #3, Heidi Fletcher, injured her hamstring at the prejudging, but he's out and doing her routine here anyway. Great sport. Moving very well on it. Competitor #4, Adela Garcia. Comes out in a batman costume. So far, vintage Adela. Not a Hendershott level routine, but certainly seems good enough, coupled with her best-in-the-contest physique, to win this title. Competitor #5, Tracey Greenwood. Nursing a thumb that's gonna need surgery after the show. She's a tough-as-nails competitor. Battling for a top five spot, and is certainly deserving. Great strength moves. Veteran who knows how to take the stage and own it. Competitor #6 Amy Haddad. Pirate costume. Good routine (and much better than the pirate show at TI, by the way). Good reverse flip. Competitor #7 Jen Hendershott. Comes out as a cat, with a bit cat/tiger mask. So far, exactly what you'd expect out of a Jen routine. Three back flips in a row from a standing flat position, very impressive. She is clearly the reigning Queen of Routines in fitness, and can be called the best ever in that department. May or may not be enough to help her overcome her deficit in the physique rounds. Competitor #8: Tanji Johnson. Came out and put a lot of energy on the stage. Competitor #9: Kim Klein. Came out on a small motorcycle. Very good on her running flips, lots of air. This is her best routine as a pro. Way more polished than last year. Unfortunate bad ending, went off he stage accidentally on her mini bike. Walked away, looks okay. Competitor #10: Deana Lee. Basic, not a standout but technically okay. Competitor #11: Angela Monteleone-Semsch. NIce choreography, lots of good attitude, handstand push-ups were impressive. NIce moves, good strength, deserves a top ten finish. Competitor #12: Mindi O'Brien. Did her first few moves too far back on the stage; one of those little details that can make a difference. Still, an Olympia-caliber routine. Competitor #13: Julie Palmer. Overall okay, one slight stumble, but she recovered nicely. Routine round over. Angela, Adela and Jen Hendershott stood out.


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