X-Man’s- Desire to Believe.

Desire - feel or have a desire for; want strongly. Believe - accept as true; take to be true. I can feel the Vegas heat. The 2009 Mr. Olympia. Like we all know this years O will be one for the ages. I feel blessed and privileged to be part of something of this magnitude. The following words have a great meaning in my life, Blood, Sweat, Tears…Conceive, Believe, Achieve and Desire. I think about these words on a daily basis because it reminds me of how larger than life this sport really is, how careful we have to be in order to look almost perfect on one night, it’s truly a one of kind feeling. For me it’s all about Desire and the Belief that you put out into all this. The eating, training, the cardio sessions, everything. You got to believe this years O. is going to be incredible, so will I. I Desire that Sandow and I Believe I’m going to Achieve it. Thank you to all my fans for the support I feel good…No, wait…I feel great at this point, I decided to give you the fans a little opportunity to see how the X-man is evolving bigger than ever, I don’t want to give too much away but I believe that the we are here for the fans, so for all the fans here’s my latest video, watch new NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE at the end… See if you catch me in there, watching the flex blog… Told you all, it’s all me baby!!! Ill keep posting videos as the days drop down come Olympia time! X.


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