X'ing the O.

Time for another update, wow, time flies huh. Hoping all bodybuilding fans had a great Labor Day weekend. My Labor Day was another day at the office, training hard staying focused at all times no matter what day it is. My body's certainly changing. Get ready to see an X-man like never before. To all my fans...I know the big buzz going around FLEX and other different bodybuilding communities around the web about The new Toney Freeman's videos. I 've gotten phone calls, emails everything, it's crazy, in the greatest way, thank you all for the kind words. All these videos are being showed for one reason only, this year it's all about No More Mr. Nice Guy. Remember those words fellow Olympian's. We can all be cool after this show. I will say this...I want each and every one of you, to keep checking this FLEX blog everyday...I will keep posting some NEW and Official X-man videos, you will not believe your eyes. Keep eyes and ears wide open, X gonna give it to you...Check the new video only here on the FLEX Blog. X.


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