I've been a FLEX subscriber for a couple of years and saw the FLEXtreme Makeover in an issue. I thought of it like scratching a lottery ticket. Did I think I'd win? No, but the benefits far outweigh the burden the amount of time it would take to apply. So I did it. It didn't even take me five minutes to fill out the application and write something about myself and I knew I could get a dream come true if I got it. Needless to say, it was well worth it. It's important for me to highlight that FLEXtreme Makeover was a life-changing event. It's not just about lifting weights or learning new training techniques; you get to see how people are. It's more than a pro bodybuilder coming to lift with you, it's very important people in their field who took time out of their day to visit with you. It puts a good light on people and made me feel good. Part of what the magazine was able to show was the training Phil Heath and I did and what we ate, but what the article didn't touch on - due to Allan Donnelly not being involved in the conversation with me and Phil - was how fitness can help you stay focused and change you life. That was the most important part of meeting Phil for me. I will elaborate more on this in a later post. As for me, I have thought about the online blog portion of the Flextreme makeover often, and along with expressing my personal improvement, I also plan to address the deeper issues of fitness and enjoyment of life. However, I'm going to be traveling overseas in mid-February to Honduras, where I will be volunteering in a medical clinic for the less fortunate. After that, I'm planning to take my MCATs in late-March. I will do my best to keep this blog updated. -- Markus


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