Supplementing for the Future

We see them all the time, ads that not only promote lifting and dieting supplements, but also promise bigger arms and a smaller waist. We see these ads in magazines, the expos we attend, and at the juice bars of our local gyms.  The bottom line regarding supplementation is that each supplement reacts purely on an individualized basis and it is important that one finds what works best for one’s self.  Importantly, for us gym rats, or even for those who workout at a moderate pace a few times a week, what we put in our bodies is just as important as the exercises we put our bodies through.  At the very least, the bare necessities that make up our supplementation regime should include a fast absorbing protein, BCAAs, and a multivitamin; it is with these components that we our able to not only reverse the negative effects of catabolism, but also replenish cofactors for normal daily enzymatic activity.  


Through the FLEXtreme Makeover, I have been fortunate enough to receive some great supplements from the dedicated folks over at MET-Rx.  At some point in early January, I received a towering pile of boxes that contained a 6 month supply of various supplements.  Among these supplements were: MET-Rx Nitropump, MET-Rx Arsenal Training Packs, MET-Rx 100% Instantized Natural Whey Protein powder, MET-Rx Protein Pancake Mix, and MET-Rx Meal Replacement powder packets.  Certainly, I was excited after I was told over the phone by Allan Donnelly that I would be receiving MET-Rx supplements in the mail as part of the Flextreme Makeover, yet both the amount and assortment surprised me for sure!   


Since January, I have been religiously taking my MET-Rx supplements as they have not only accelerated my progress, but also given me the power to improve my future.  Just last month, I accomplished yet another dream of mine as I signed with Silver Models Management - one of the top fitness modeling agencies in the country.  I have provided a couple photos from two of my recent shoots in New York City.  There I worked with two amazing photographers, Rick Day, and Randell Mesdon.  The other photo (that has me holding some of the MET-Rx supplements) was taken by one of my friends at the gym I workout at (the same one Phil and I trained at in the video).  In closing, I would like to send out a very sincere thank you to not only everyone over there at MET-Rx but also to  FLEX Magazine Editor-in-Cheif Allan Donnelly and his staff.  If you guys haven’t picked up the latest issue (July issue), you should definitely check it out.  Allan has a pretty sweet piece on one of the greatest up-and-coming rivalries that bodybuilding has seen to date between Phil and Kai.  Phil, if you get a chance to read this bud, I just want to say that you were in killer form at the Arnold, and your time is just ahead.  You continue to be a positive figure in my life as I try to emulate your work ethic and sincerity every day.  I’d also like to thank the readers of my blog.  If you guys have any questions or comments that you would like me to address please send them to my email:,  I’ll do my best to provide you with a response.  As for now, I need to head to the library as my MCAT date is coming up on the 17th and I need to get some solid study time in.  Keep working for the future! 

Lift Hard, Markus Ricci 


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