AHMAD - ABS and ARMS 4/18/10

Photos by: Bill Comstock Date of entry: 4/18/10 Name: Ahmad Ahmad, IFBB Pro League athlete Age: 30 Height: 5'7" Weight:190 Profession: Gym owner Years training: 15 years

"I spend an average of 45-60 minutes training per workout. I do one session per day during the off-season, two sessions during pre-contest preparation with one 60 min cardio session in the morning 6-7 days a week in addition to the weight-lifting session in the afternoon/evening."

"My favorite bodyparts to train are back and arms."

"The bodypart I hate training would possibly be legs and calves."

What do you like most about working out at Gold's Venice? My favorite part about working out at Gold's Venice is the impressive range of the best equipment, and of course the impressive history and world reputation."

"During off-season my training technique is very much in line with the heavy duty principles with reps in the range of 8-12 and the number of sets limited to three (with one proper warm set). The technique is very strict and the range of motion complete. The concentric phase is somewhat explosive with a much slower ecentric phase."

"I tend to train alone but will ask training partners for assistance during heavy weight exercises." Today, Ahmad is training with IFBB Pro Oliver Adzievski.

"The toughest part of today's workout was the arms portion."

Exercise Sets Reps
Standing concentration curls with rope 3* 10-12
Seated biceps curls (alternating arms) 3* 10-12
Standing biceps curls (straight bar) 3* 10-12

* Does not include one warm-up set with low weight and 12-14 reps.

Ahmad Ahmad training abs.


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