Hannes Fritsch - High Intensity Training 04/27/10

Photos by: Bill Comstock Date of entry: 4/27/10 Name: Hannes Fritsch Age: 42 Height: 6' 2" Weight: 260 Profession: Personal Trainer Years training: 26 "Today I trained chest and triceps. I started with flyes on the machine, continued with presses on the hammer strength and continued with cable push downs for triceps and finished with dips."


"I trained for 20 minutes, which is the normal duration for this particular work out."



"I like using drop-sets, as they increase intensity and there for have me reach failure sooner and increase growth stimulation."



"I train an average of 5 times per week. I spend an average of 30 minutes time training per workout."


"My favorite bodypart to train: Chest"





"The bodypart I hate training: Quads"


"The toughest part of today's workout was... Quads"


"The thing I like most about training at Gold's Venice is the atmosphere, which always reminds me on the good old days when I trained with my friend and mentor MIKE MENZER."


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