Matt Pohlkamp - Explosive training - 6/14/10

Name: Matt Pohlkamp Website: http://www.mattpohlkamp.com/ Age: 33 Height: 6'3" Weight: 205 pounds Profession: Professional BMX bicycle racer Years training: 15 * I train an average of 10 (including bicycle skills work) times per week * I spend an average of 2.5 hours per workout. * My favorite bodypart to train: LEGS! * The bodypart I hate training: I honestly love it all. * The toughest part of today's workout was explosive squat jumps.

Starting with the warm up....As the years have gone by I've noticed that I have gotten stronger and faster but it takes me a little longer to get to get warmed up, so I really make it a priority to get a solid warm up in. My Goals in all of my lifts are to make myself as powerful (fast) as possible on my bicycle. My only goal (right now) is for total function on the bike and "wake up" those fast twitch muscle fibers to get me sprinting as fast as possible. When doing these explosive movements you really have to have a mind/ body connection that will make it possible to physically explode, with extra weight, when your brain says go! After that all important warm up I start with the SNATCH. When doing this power exercise, you are incorporating the entire body (wrist to ankles). This is a great explosive full body movement that translates well to most sports. The idea is to make the entire body explode in proper form with the lift. The CLEAN is next. I like the clean because I can go much heavier since I'm not including the over head hold, as in the SNATCH. I explode with the intial lift off the floor and catch the weight in the front squat postion. My goal is to clean the weight up as fast as possible with proper form. In doing this, I end up actually jumping off the ground due to the explosion. Now it's time for the JUMP SQUAT. In this particular workout I used around 50% of my max squat. Again, explosion is the idea. I squat down to about 90 degrees and hold for a second, then with good form I fire upwards as hard and fast as I can into the jump. If I'm getting off the ground then I know that I've driven as hard as I can from the bottom of the squat and followed through. It's very important to land this jump safely and absorb the impact with a solid core and slightly bent knees. HAMSTRING CURLS. I've put the quads through enough exploding for one day so now I have to make sure my hammys will do the same. In this curl I will ease in slowly and then explode the rest of the curl, that way I won't aggrevate my knees at all. I save the CORE workout for the end. I don't want my core to be tired or weak at all when Im doing all of these power movements beacuse the core is the "bridge" to the upper and lower body. Decline sit up, hanging leg lifts are both great. I try to mix the core exercises up. The NECK exercises I do are for safety incase of crashes on the bike...whip lash ect. I think a strong neck also helps with the over head hold during the SNATCH. To end the workout I will do a 10 minute recovery ride on the stationary bike as well as a few stretches. This helps flush out the lactic acid that may have built up in the legs from the workout. By doing this I won't be nearly as sore (if at all) in the days to come. There you have it...a typical Monday leg work out in preparation for this weekends battle on the BMX track! WARM-UP: Front Hip Kicks 1 set (each leg) x 15 Lateral Hip Kicks Bodyweight Lunges SNATCH I use a lighter weight for snatches so I can really focus on explosiveness. I begin in a squatting position with as wide a grip as possible. The barbell is close to my shins; my back flat, no curve. My head is back in a neutral position, not looking up or down. My ass is pushed out and down; arms are just outside of knees; wrists forward. I explode up from ground. The initial burst is from my legs. I've broken both arms racing so can't lock my elbows out and have to keep arms as straight as possible. Again, the initial explosion from ground want to keep barbell as close to body as possible. The barbell end up at thighs and from there I go into a shrug and bring the weight overhead. CLEAN Same initial movement, leaving out the overhead. I am able to lift heavier with this movement. I keep the barbell just wider than shoulder width. Squat Jumps Leg Curls Decline Sit Ups Hanging Leg Raises Neck Rotations 10 minute recovery bike ride Stretching


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