Ruben Escobar - Back - 6/16/10

Name: Ruben Escobar Age: 31 Height: 5'8" Weight: 240 pounds Profession: Carpenter / Personal trainer Years training: 15 years Date of entry: June 16, 2010 * The goal of today's workout. was to increase my blood flow through my back using high reps at 15-20 rep range at moderate weight and squeezing out water and focusing on back muscles to bring out back more for U.S.A * I train an average of 6 times per week * I spend an average of 45 minutes training per workout. * My favorite body part to train: legs * The body part I hate training: I don't have one * The toughest part of today's workout was getting my back to fully pump up hyper extensions are good for lower back definition and to strengthen your core seated rows are great for lower lats and back explosion Seated rows will show definition in bringing out back muscles similar to pieces of a puzzle The T-bar row is used to pull the lower lats out more and give you a V shape. Hyper extensions will tighten up your core. Lower back extensions will bring out one's Christmas tree. When spreading your lats, spread em like a cobra! Reverse grip pull downs. Lat pull downs will tighten upper back lats and tie everything together. Single arm concentration curls will bring more peak to your biceps. Double arm dumb-bell curl will build mass on your arms. The hot hot hottie move


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