Yamagishi/Dilauro - Quads and Hams 2/27/10

Written by: Eli Blahut Photos by: Bill Comstock Date of entry: 2/27/10 It's six days out from the 2010 Arnold Classic, and it's a legs day. Hidetada Yamagishi starts with a stretch and gets the blood flowing with 3 light sets of leg extensions. Hide is coming off a second-place finish at the 2010 Phoenix Pro, and he's looking to continue to make improvements that will allow him to claim his first pro victory. Hide's trainer, Eric Dilauro, will be there every step of the way, pushing Hide as he fails between 10 and 20 reps on the next two sets. The idea is to squeeze the quads on each rep, attempting to pull in deeper detail before the show. "Whenever I come to Gold's Venice, I train harder," Hide tells me. "It doesn’t matter if I’m tired. I even drive further than I have to just to come here." On his favorite exercise, the vertical leg press, he rips out 4 sets of 20 using 2 second negatives and 1 second positives. He rests 2 minutes between sets. He works up to 12 plates total for 20 reps, strips off 6 plates, and finishes with a dropset of another 20 reps. He doesn't bother trying to hide the pain on his face. Front squats get supersetted with the front squat machine, performing 4 sets of 12 reps with each exercise. He starts with lighter weight to get the motion right and to work up a burn. The weight is increased to 275 pounds on the front squat and 8 plates on the front squat machine. Eric tells me Hide is using a wide stance to develop more of his outer quad, and that the supersets he will hit every iota muscle fiber he has left. The rest period he installs is 15 seconds between the exercises and approximately 2 minutes between each superset.

Hide drinks a Gaspari SizeOn shake to refuel and maintain his muscles during such an intense workout.

After working through the torture of his last superset, he reveals the veiny meat he was using to get the job done.

Eric implements a hack squat technique he's titled EDT-10's. It's performed using light weight and 3 second negatives. Mid-movement, when Hide's hamstrings and calves create a 90-degree angle, he pauses, flexes, then drives up another rep. According to Eric, this technique stretches the quadriceps muscle fascia, which elicits more growth. A group of Japanese tourists happened to be at Gold’s Venice, and their jaws hit the floor when they saw Hide. They want pictures and to touch Hide's arms to make sure he's real, not some genetically engineered cyborg with human skin. He tells me the tourists were from a part of Japan that never gets the opportunity to see bodybuilders, and he was happy to have been the first. Back to training. Walking barbell lunges await. The weight takes a backseat to "the feeling" on this exercise. Next is lying hamstring curls, followed by seated hamstring curls and, finally, the butt blaster. It's Hide's favorite isolation exercise. Eric sets up the lying hamstring curl machine so that Hide can get underneath of it and position himself in order to isolate his glutes and glute-ham tie-ins.

CONTACT INFO Hidetada Yamagishi: www.hide-productions.com/en/ Eric Dilauro: www.ericdilauro.com | ericdilauro@gmail.com


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