Zhanna Rotar - High intensity lower body - 6/23/10

Name: Zhanna Rotar Age: 29 Height: 5'5" Weight: 120/125 pounds Profession: Full-time law student/personal trainer/nutritionist Years training: 12+ Date of entry: 6/23/10 First, let me tell you the overall goal and logic behind this workout. It's high intensity that's designed to tone, define and sculpt your lower body through weighted and plyometric exercises. It is also a great cardio workout that's so intense that in 1 hour or so, you're guaranteed to burn way more than 1,000 calories. You'll be a lean fat-shedding machine! You want to have minimum rest between exercises and keep moving at all times. Before the workout, warm up. I prefer a light jog on a treadmill, but you can use any piece of equipment, even running in place would suffice/ * Walking stairs/shoulder presses with kettlebells. (I used 10-pound kettlebells.) * Find a set of stairs and walk them up and down while pressing the kettlebells over your head into a shoulder press. * Each step = one press. Make sure are using correct form and pushing through your heels, and not through your toes. This exercise is awesome for toning your glutes, hamstrings, and legs, as well as shoulders. It is also a great core stregth builder. Abs on a decline bench with a 10 pounds. Perform this exercise on a decline bench. Grab a medicine ball. The weight is up to you. Do full-range-of-motion sit-ups holding the medicine ball. Bring the ball to your chest on the way down, bring it up and extend your arms on the way up. Squeeze your abs! This exercise is all about muscle-mind connection! The purpose of this exercise is to hit your abs from a variety of angles in one move. Doing it correctly allows you tot rain your upper, lower abs as well as the obliques. Kettlebell shoulder press with a stationary lunge. Lunge forward and press the kettlebells over your head, and then switch legs. Each lunge = one shoulder press and make sure that you're using proper form. Do not let your knee pass your toe. That can lead to injury. This execise is great for toning your glutes, hams, inner and outer thighs as well as shoulders and arms. This is also a cardiovascular movement and trust me, you will burn body fat! Also, through a core stabilization, you will work your abs! Jump lunges * A high intensity plyometric exercise * Just as you were to do a lunge, as you alenate legs jump as high as you can in between * Besides being a super fat burner, this exercise tones and shapes your whole body Sumo squat with a shoulder press * Stand with your feet wide in a squat position, as you go into a squat, lift the kettlebells over your head into a shoulder press * Great for glutes, hams, inner thighs, a great ab shaper, and shoulder toner Jump Squats * Using your bodyweight, dissend into a squat and jump up on your way up landing with your feet together, so jump out, then jump in * This is an awesome heart-rate raising cardio movement that will make your lower body dynamite! The swing * Probably one of the most popular kettlebell exercises due to its intensity and high effectiveness * Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold a kettlebell in each hand, squat down and swing the kettlebells between your legs. Stand up, lock your knees at the same time swinging the kettlebells up to your shoulder level, keep your arms straight * Squeeze your glutes on your way up, as well as keep your core very tight and controled, so you don't hyperextend your lower back * This exercise is an excellent full body exercise with a lot of cardio in it. It works all of your muscle groups and kicks your heart rate into overdrive! Leg presses with your feet up high on the pad * On a regular leg press machine position your feet unusually high on the pad, wide stance. Make sure you are supporting your lower back properly * As you go all the way down, try to bring your knees all the way pass your chest. Going this low will help to recruit mostly glutes and hamstring instead of quads. On the way up, push through your heels, and squeeze your glutes. * That is where muscle-mind connection really comes in! * This exercise is golden to shape and round your glutes, and your whole lower body Smith stationary lunges (with a knee up) * Get under a Smith Machine. Make sure that you don't load it too heavy at first, as you want to make your form a priority here * Go down on a regular lunge, but on the way of bringing your leg back into neutral position, go ahead and bring the back leg's knee up to your abs and squees. Repeat for a desired amount of reps on one leg, before switching to the other * Again, impecable for glute training, core, etc. Seated hamstring curl * I like to go pretty heavy on this one, yet I emphasize the correct form. * Make sure that you are in control of the movement and not the machine. * Works all parts of your hamstring! Leg extension * I use lighter weights and do more sets * I mainly use this for definition Standing glute kickback machine * The most important thing to remember here is to push through your heel, and extend all the way back untill your back leg's knee is straight * Muscle-mind connection is imperative here! :) Horizontal leg press * One of my all time favorites! * Unfortunately, the only place I ever get to do it, is in Venice, and it is quite a drive for me! * Due to its 100% horizontal position, if you keep your feet high up on the pad, nothing gets your glutes more directly than this one. * Go all the way down, and on your way up squeeze your glutes and push exclusively through the heel Verticle leg press machine * Make sure that it is a machine with a rack of weights not a free weight leg press * Also, I definitely don't recommend this exercise to everyone, due to its very high risk of injury * Go down into a regular leg press, and then on your way back up, jupm off the pad keeping your legs straight, lang into a soft squat again * The reason for a plyometric element in this leg press is to rev up your heart rate, as well as recruit more muscle fibers through explosive technique * Works your whole lower body plus the abs like a charm! Unilateral hamstring curl * By using one leg at a time, you are able to focus more on muscle-mind connection Butt Blaster * Works your glutes directly! * Most important thing to remember is to push exclusively through your heel!


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