My Trip to Boston

Hey all! Just got back from my trip to Bosta, MA to meet our newest winner of the Flextreme Makeover. Markus Ricci was the winner and may I say he was very excited to have us come out. I got a chance to hang out with him at his gym where he's a personal trainer, answering tons of questions. We trained back together and he was able to hold his own with the pace as he is also a competitor competing in some natural shows in the tri-state area. I got a chance to help him out with some posing and yes, we did do a lil' posedown action which we both had fun with. Later we grabbed some food and headed to Fenway Park where we sat about 10 rows up from the middle of the first base line watching them [redsox] play the Yankees. Boston got handed a butt whippin', but we didn't care as we were having fun laughing and joking around. We finished our evening with his family and lemme tell ya, he's got an amazing support system which I feel is essential for any young adult to have when pursuing a career in just about anything. That next day, I had some issues as my flight back was cancelled, but thankfully, I was rebooked...gotta love premier exec status on United lol! Only problem was that my videographer/friend, Johnathan McFarlane was travelling with and we received different flights through our last leg in Chicago. I didn't realize this until we headed over to check-in and boy did I feel stupid when I walked up to the red carpet to board (first-class) and was told that I was at the wrong gate. See, his flight was at 3:13pm and mine was at 3:00pm so I had to pull an O.J. Simpson and run through O'hare Airport to my gate seeing that there's no plane there. Being that the clock showed 2:54pm I came to the realization that I missed my flight, so I headed back the the United Red Carpet Lounge to get a new flight. By now, I am tired, hungry (only had 1 more meal left in cooler) and now pissed that there aren't any seats available for the remainder of the day, placing me on standby. I then purchased a discounted business class ticket that cost me a little of $1k which wasn't cool, but hey, I needed to get home. Just as I received my ticket and then walked to a desk in the lounge to plug in my phones, I received a text-message from United Airlines stating that my 3pm flight was delayed until 3:45pm. So I ran over to the ticket counter, got my charges reversed on the biz-class 5:50pm ticket and ran over to gate B10 and there was my flight. I was so relieved that I almost hugged the gate agent. The flight was cool and then got my bags, hopped into the "Lade" (my escalade ext) and blasted my music on my way home. Good thing was that throughout my trip, I was still able to train, do cardio and most importantly stay on track with my meals, all while hanging out in Boston. I had such a fantastic time that I hope to go back soon, maybe for another RedSox game, as Fenway Park was amazing! I'd like to thank Flex and MetRx for making this day happen because I had a great time meeting with Markus and his friends and family! Oh, I'm currently weighing 257lbs and with the same if not greater shape and conditioning than those 5wk out Ironman pics so watch out! I'm getting 7-8 meals per day, which include 2 steak meals with baked potato, chicken n' rice and good ol' tilapia and spinach (yum-yum j/k!). Doing cardio on the stepmill in my home gym, sweating like a savage. I'm getting an infrared sauna in this Wednesday, so I'm excited because I will never have to sweat it out at the gym again. My lovely wife, Jennie and her friends are going out to the Def Leppard and Poison concert tonight, so its just me and my son and a couple of friends going to watch G.I. Joe and later eating some steaks!!! Saw, District 9 last night and loved it, especially with it being a 30Million dollar movie...gotta see it! Well, gotta go eat now and train some delts! Holla! Phil


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