The Showstopper is Here!

Happy New Year to everyone. As I look back at 2010, it was a pretty year. I won my first pro show in Tampa, placed third at the Europa Battle of Champions, qualified for the Olympia (twice!), and competed in the World’s Strongest Bodybuilder competition at the Olympia. These things were all great, but I’m not stopping there… My focus now is preparing for the FLEX Pro on February 19.

The show is just over 5 weeks away and I am a hungry for a win. I had also hoped to compete in the Arnold Classic this year, but I forgot to send in my letter of consideration. If things go as I plan at the FLEX Pro, I will get the attention of the Arnold committee and they will consider inviting me.  

My prep is going smoothly so far and right now my weight goes between 255 and 260. I’m using all of the methods that led to my success last year and just trying to refine them and learn more about my body. I’m working with Dave Palumbo as my diet coach and using a keto diet that works well for me. I’m also training heavy and sticking to my powerlifting roots. This year I’ve been on top of getting my cardio done and it’s going to show in my condition. Besides getting ripped, the only good thing about cardio is what I get to see on TV. My new favorite commercials are for Planet Fitness.

I was watching it today as I did my cardio and I started thinking about how much my body changes while I diet and work my ass off to get ready for a show. It made me think, what would happen if we had gym members look in the mirror at themselves like bodybuilders do and ask the question, “have I changed?” If the answer is NO, then Planet Fitness is for you. As a trainer I’ve helped a lot of people lose weight and get healthy. I know if any of them walked into a Planet Fitness instead of hiring me they would all still be out of shape. I want people to realize that anyone can change their bodies if they are willing to put in some work. It’s not easy and it’s not free.  

I’d like to thank FLEX Magazine for giving me this opportunity to connect with all the great bodybuilding fans out there. I will be updating my blog each week on my journey to the FLEX Pro and hopefully the Arnold Classic. BEN WHITE IFBB PRO


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