We Got Steve Weinberger’s Thoughts On Why It’s Always Such a Great Show

The USAs in Las Vegas and Nationals in Florida are the two most prestigious bodybuilding championship titles in the NPC.
Past NPC USA Bodybuilding Champions

With check-ins tomorrow from 1pm-9pm, and prejudging for Men’s Bodybuilding beginning Friday at 12:00 noon, the 2013 NPC USA Championships is literally less than 48 hours away!  Every year, hundreds of NPC National-level competitors travel to Las Vegas to participate in what is always one of the most anticipated competitions of the year, in the hopes of earning IFBB professional status.  This year, 53 competitors will walk away as new IFBB pros in Men and Women’s Bodybuilding, Men’s and Women’s Physique, Figure, and Bikini.  Along with the coveted IFBB status, they will also proudly be able to say that they earned their pro cards at what is widely known as one of the toughest pro-qualifying competitions in the NPC.  What is it that makes the NPC USA Championships so special

I caught up with Steve Weinberger, NPC & IFBB Judge, as well as Chairman of the NPC Northeast, NY & NJ, as he prepared to leave for Vegas.  I asked Steve what it is about the NPC USA Championships that makes it one of the biggest, toughest, IFBB pro-qualifying competitions year after year.  In Steve’s own words, “The USAs in Las Vegas and Nationals in Florida are the two most prestigious bodybuilding championship titles in the NPC.  Consistently over the years, NPC USA Bodybuilding champions have gone on to become some of the top athletes in the IFBB, for example: Chris Cormier, Flex Wheeler, Phil Heath, and Fakhri Mubarak, just to name a few.  Because of its prestigious reputation, the USAs always draws top athletes from the NPC, and great champions always come out of it.  It’s a great show.  Plus, it’s in Vegas and it’s always fun to be in Vegas!

No doubt Steve, it is always fun to be in Vegas and the Flex team is gearing up for take off, as we travel across the country to bring you competition coverage all weekend long.  Be sure to check back in for photos, videos, interviews, placements and more of the 2013 NPC USA Championships!      

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