10 Rules to Control Your Appetite

Build a better-conditioned physique without starvation.

4 | Bump up protein intake

Yes, you really do need only a gram of complete protein per pound of bodyweight per day to build mass. However, that number can change — and should go up — if you find yourself ravenously hungry while you’re dieting. Think of extreme hunger as a signal that your body is breaking down muscle mass. Boost your protein, but not necessarily your calories. Try adding 70 g of protein to your daily intake and backing down on your carb consumption by the same number. Protein foods can satisfy appetite; carb foods often increase it. Readjusting your protein-carb mix is an easy way to suppress your appetite. Emphasize milk and casein products — compared to other proteins, these sources provide a higher amount of glycomacropeptide, which is known to help reduce appetite.

5 | Eat fibrous vegetables

When you diet, your meals often don’t provide the satisfied full feeling you get when you eat masses of food. Although you want to avoid excess calories, you can increase the amount of food you eat by including more vegetables. In addition to bulk, they’re high in fiber, so they also tend to stay with you for a while. Good choices include broccoli, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, squash and zucchini. Emphasize these instead of starchy vegetables, such as corn, peas and carrots.

6 | Use fiber supplements

Soluble fiber delays the entry of carbohydrates into the intestines. This slowing effect alters the amount of insulin secreted. This is good news because insulin has been touted as “the hunger hormone.” With the delay in carb digestion and modification in insulin secretion, you’ll not only lose the urge to overeat, but you’ll also feel better because spiking insulin levels often result in drops in energy levels.

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